Summer is here! An opportunity for students to relax and enjoy the time in the sun. But it's also essential to keep their minds active and engaged during this long break. Project-based learning (PBL) is a great way to do just that. PBL introduces students to real-world problem-solving and answering complex questions. It allows them to apply their knowledge and practical skills meaningfully and is a great way to make learning fun and engaging.

In this article, we have 5 super cool summer PBL projects guaranteed to keep students excited about learning and engaged over the summer break. These projects will be a refreshing change from traditional learning methods and will make the most of the summer months while keeping students academically on track. In addition, these ideas are sure to spark students' curiosity and creativity. So let's dive in and explore these exciting summer PBL projects!

Junior Entomologist: We Love Insects

Uncover the secrets of the insect kingdom

Summer's here, and the bugs are out and about. So unleash your students' inner entomologist and get them excited about the fascinating world of insects. It will have them exploring, studying, and learning about these fascinating creatures in a hands-on and interactive way.

Students will develop a deeper understanding of the diversity in insects, their role in the ecosystem, and the importance of their conservation. With a focus on inquiry-based learning and real-world observation, this PBL project will keep students engaged and motivated throughout the summer. So, grab your nets and dive into the world of insects!

Junior Entomologist: We Love Insects
Let’s dive into the incredible world of insects.

Design Your Own Zoo

Design the ultimate wildlife experience

Summer's here, and it's the perfect season for visiting the zoo. This PBL project challenges students to think like zoo park designers and managers. It creates an opportunity for them to design and plan their own zoo. Students will learn about animal classifications and habitats, attraction planning, marketing and branding.

Through research and actual zoo visits, students will create a comprehensive plan for their zoo, including map layout, animal exhibits, activities and much more. This PBL project is a great way to make learning about science and social studies fun and interactive. So let's get started on designing a wildly exciting zoo experience!

Design Your Own Zoo: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
A fun way for your child to design a zoo of her dreams.

Here are some additional resources if you plan to visit your city zoo:

Zoo Printable Kids Worksheets for your next Zoo Visit
Five fun printables to complement your child’s learning at the zoo.
Another Wild Day at the Zoo: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
Learn about animal classifications.

Start Your Own Explorers Club

Let's explore the world together

Summer is an excellent time for exploration! So get your students to embark on many adventures with this super fun PBL project. This project encourages students to take on explorers' roles and plan, organize, and lead their expeditions.

Through research, planning, and execution, students will design their expeditions, whether exploring a local park, a nearby city or even a virtual trip around the world. This PBL project will surely spark your students' curiosity and sense of adventure and will give them a chance to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. So, let's discover the world together!"

Start Your Own Explorers Club: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
A club that supports curiosity, exploration, play and creativity.

Be A Junior Local Tour Guide

Experience your hometown in a new way (by leading the way!)

The holiday season is upon us, and tourists abound. So get your students to become local tour guides this summer. This PBL project challenges students to explore and learn about their community and then create and lead tours for their peers, family, and even members of the community. Students will research and discover their community's history, culture, and landmarks and create a tour highlighting the area's most exciting and unique aspects.

They will develop their public speaking, research, and organizational skills while also learning about their community more deeply. This PBL project is a great way to make learning about social studies, geography, history and communication fun and interactive. It will also allow your students to showcase their knowledge and skills to others. So let's discover the hidden gems of our community together!"

Help Your Child Be A Local Tour Guide: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
Cultivate your child’s appreciation for your neighbourhood and local attractions with this fun printable pack.

The Next Big App Idea

Bring your app idea to the world

Summer is a time to explore, and this also means exploring ideas! Help your students unleash their inner entrepreneurs with our "The Next Big App Idea" PBL project. This project challenges students to conceptualise and design their mobile app idea. They will learn about app development, design principles, user experience, and market research while developing skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and project management.

Through research and design, students will create a comprehensive plan for their app, including features, layout, user experience, and a marketing strategy. This project is a great way to make learning about computer science, design, and business fun and interactive. So let's turn your students' app ideas into reality!

The World’s Next Big App Idea: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
A printable app design pack for kids who love technology and want to build their own app.

In conclusion

Summer is an excellent time for students to take a break from traditional classroom learning and try something new. Project-based learning (PBL) is a perfect way to keep students' minds active and engaged over the summer months.

The projects we've shared in this article are all designed to make learning fun and interactive while teaching students valuable practical skills. So, keep your students' learning during the summer; try out these projects and see the difference it makes. Happy holidays (and learning)!

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