When teaching computer science to elementary students, it can be easy to focus solely on the technical aspects of coding. However, fostering creativity and imagination in these young learners can significantly impact their ability to excel in computer science. One way to do this is through drawing and colouring activities.

How Drawing and Colouring Activities Can Help Students Develop Programming Skills

Drawing and colouring can help students develop essential skills for coding, such as spatial reasoning and problem-solving. For example, through colouring and drawing activities, students can learn how to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts and think about how different pieces fit together to create a cohesive whole.

In addition to developing these essential skills, drawing and colouring can be a fun and engaging way for students to learn about computer science. These activities can help to make the subject more accessible and relatable, which can be especially important for young learners who may be intimidated by the technical aspects of coding.

Suggested Drawing and Colouring Activities

Educators can incorporate drawing and colouring activities into their classes to help students prepare for programming. Here are a few examples:

  1. Algorithm or flowchart drawing: Have students draw flowcharts representing a series of steps for completing a task, such as making a sandwich. This can help students learn the basic concepts of flowcharts, sequences, and decision-making, which are essential for coding.
  2. Shape and pattern recognition: Provide students with a grid or a set of shapes and have them replicate or create their own pattern. This can help students develop their ability to recognize patterns, understand the principles of repetition and loops, and apply them to coding.
  3. Maze drawing: Have students draw a maze and then have them figure out the correct path to the end. This can help students develop problem-solving skills, logic, and spatial reasoning.
  4. Storyboarding: Encourage students to create a draw a storyboard for a simple animation or game. This can help students learn how to think in terms of movement and timing, and how to plan and organize actions, which are essential concepts in coding.
  5. Colour coding: Provide students with different coloured pencils or markers and have them colour code a simple diagram using different colours to represent other variables (eg. animal classifications, materials, etc). This can help students understand the basic concepts of variables and data types, which are essential in coding.


In conclusion, drawing and colouring activities are fun and engaging for elementary students to learn coding skills. These activities can help students develop problem-solving, logic, spatial reasoning, and pattern recognition skills, as well as understanding basic coding concepts such as sequencing, conditional statements, and loops.

By incorporating and supplementing these activities into their computer science curriculum, educators can help prepare their students for success in the digital world of the future.

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