As educators, we have to play an important role in educating our students about the world around them and the impact of human activities on the environment. This lesson guide will explore ways to effectively incorporate endangered animals and human impact into our lesson plans to raise a generation of environmentally conscious global citizens.

We will provide ideas, activities, and resources that can be used to teach this critical topic creatively and engagingly. With this we hope you can inspire your students to take action to protect endangered animals and the environment. Let's get started!

Endangered Animals: The Impact of Human Activity

We will be learning about animals at risk of extinction and examine how human actions, such as habitat loss, pollution and hunting, affect the lives of these animals. We'll also be looking at possible solutions to help protect these animals. By the end of the lesson, your students will better understand the concept of animal endangerment and the threat of human activity to animals.

Lesson Plan Structure:

  • Introduction: Begin the lesson by showing pictures of various endangered animals and asking the students if they know why these animals are in danger. Then introduce the concept of endangerment and explain the different types of human activity that have contributed to it, i.e. deforestation, illegal hunting, pollution etc. Here's a good video to introduce the concept of "endangered (animal) species":
  • Research: Divide the class into small groups and give each group basic information and resources on a specific endangered animal (website, book or printed handouts). Students will research their assigned animal at risk and list which human activity affects it.
  • Analysis: The groups will then review the research information to analyze "how" human activity affects their assigned animal. They could also brainstorm some possible solutions to help protect their given animal.
  • Creation: The students will create a visual representation of their research and analysis. It could be a poster, brochure, or slideshow presentation about the effects of human activity on their assigned animal and possible solutions to protect or raise awareness about its situation.
  • Presentation: Each group will present their findings and share what they've learned. The teacher will review the lesson's main points and ask the students what they can do to help protect endangered animals.
  • Reflection: Students will reflect on what actions they can take in their personal and collective lives to support endangered animals.
  • Evaluation: Through group and class discussions, presentations and individual reflections, teachers can evaluate if their students have met the objectives of understanding (1) the concept of "endangered species", (2) the relationship between human activity and animal endangerment, and (3) the importance of wildlife conservation.

Here are a two animals at risk suggestions and ready-made creative printable worksheets which you can incorporate into your lesson plan above:

Gentle Giants in Peril: The Plight of Manatees and the Impact of Human Activity

Manatees, also known as sea cows, face numerous human-induced threats, such as habitat loss, water pollution, and boat strikes. Dive into the plight of these gentle marine giants, exploring the impact of human activity on their populations and habitats.

Discuss conservation efforts and what we can do to help protect these magnificent creatures. Examine the critical issues facing the manatees and their fight for survival.

Here's our creative printable worksheet on Manatees to complement your lesson plan:

Design Manatee T-Shirts: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
Create awareness for these gentle giants of the sea.

Vanishing in the Mist: Investigating the Impact of Human Activities on the Mountain Gorilla

Mountain gorillas are one of the planet's most iconic and endangered primates. Found only in the forests of Central Africa, these gentle giants face increasing threats caused by human activities such as poaching, human conflict, habitat loss and disease.

Let's take a closer look at the impact of human activities on mountain gorilla populations and the ongoing conservation efforts to protect them. From the misty forests of the Virunga Mountains to the bamboo forests of the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, let's learn more about critical issues facing endangered mountain gorillas and the fight to ensure their survival.

Here's our creative printable worksheet on Mountain Gorillas to complement your lesson plan:

Save the Mountain Gorilla: Printable Design Challenge for Kids
Using art and creativity to help create awareness for a worthy cause.

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  • 1 printable "conservation and protection" ideas sheet

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