Creativity should not be confined to art classes; it should be present in every subject and aspect of a child's education. Whether problem-solving in mathematics or expressing ideas in language arts, encouraging creativity in the elementary classroom involves creating spaces and opportunities for students to explore, question, and engage with their learning in unique and innovative ways.

As December unfolds, teachers can leverage the festive end-of-the-year season to infuse an extra dose of creativity into their classrooms, providing a splash of excitement for learning for both students and educators alike. Here are a few creative printable activity ideas to get you started!

How S.T.E.A.M. Impacts My Life Everyday (PREMIUM)

This printable exercise helps students understand how STEM/STEAM concepts are interconnected and applicable in real-life situations. Students are prompted to think about personal experiences where STEM/STEAM principles played a role, encouraging a holistic approach to learning.

This printable creative design challenge consists of a printable worksheet for children and students to reflect and write down how science, technology, engineering, arts and math shape their lives.

Give Good Directions (PREMIUM)

In this fun printable English activity, your child have an opportunity to learn about how to write good directions (and commonly used vocabulary) based on a simple printable map of a town.

This printable pack consists of 5 printable creative writing challenges. They consist of unique direction giving challenges with maps to aid in the creation.

Let's Explore Plant-Based Food (PREMIUM)

In this activity, your student/child will learn about what different food nutrients which are essential to humans and how they may come from different plant-based food options.

This printable creative design challenge consists of 2 printable worksheets for your students or children to write down (1) the importance of certain food nutrients, (2) what plant-based food can be substitute sources and (3) plant-based meal ideas.

Letters to Your Past & Future Selves (PREMIUM)

This creative printable activity encourages children and students to reflect on what they've learnt over the years and also think about goals they want to achieve for the future.

Your student or child will write two letters. One for their younger self and another for their future self.

Wildlife Survey Hiking Activity (PREMIUM)

In this STEAM printable activity, your students will learn about animal classifications, participate in a simple animal classification survey and put together a bar graph to showcase the data collected.

This printable data and observation challenge consists of 2 worksheets for students to (1) observe and mark down data about wildlife in a specific area based on their animal groups and (2) one to chart a bar graph based on the data collected.

Bee Kind - 19 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids (PREMIUM)

In this activity, your child or student will try to complete the 19 random acts of kindness for the people in his/her community.

This printable worksheets will provide children and students with a list of 19 actionable random acts of kindness to help inculcate a greater spirit of giving and kindness.

Create Your Own Superhero (PREMIUM)

In this creative printable activity, your child will learn about creating their own superheroes starting from their origins, exploring their superpowers/weaknesses to the design of their outfits.

This printable pack consists of 4 printable activity worksheets for your kid/student to conceptualise and design their first superhero.

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