World Environment Day is the world's biggest international day to celebrate and encourage environmental action. It has been held on the 5th of June annually since 1973 with more than 150 countries participating. The major themes usually concern climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, pollution and human/industrial waste.

This printable activity is aimed at helping our kids and students to challenge themselves to contribute by recycling an item every day for 30 days.

Let's start!

Printable & Activity Objectives

Age: 6 to 9 year olds, Activity Time: On-going, Items Needed: Writing pencils

In this activity, your child will reflect and think about their consumption patterns, how much waste they contribute and how they can help the environment by recycling/reducing waste.

It will help your child or student:

  • Develop a stronger and clearer sense of purpose and resolve for protecting the planet's environment.
  • Move away from the feeling of entitlement and work towards being a more participatory global citizen.

Let's get started!

How to Get Started

Simple steps to start:

  • Research more about World Environment Day and what can you/your students do to help. Here's a video about 2022's World Environment Day and the urgency of why we need to act now:

Here's a very interesting video about what has changed on this planet since the 197os (This video is in commemoration of Earth Day which is held in April annually and not World Environment Day but the facts are nonetheless interesting):

  • Research and find out more about the Recycling process. Here's a great video of what happens to your recyclable waste and what we should/should not include in our recycling bins:
  • Start working on the printable worksheets!

What's in the Printable Worksheet Pack

This printable pack consists of a printable worksheet which contains a 30-day recycling challenge checklist for your child/student.

Let's start recycling!

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