Bears are found in many parts of the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia, and even Africa. By studying the distribution of bears, students can learn about how geography, climate, and other factors influence the types of animals that live in different parts of the world. Studying the distribution of bears can help students develop a deeper appreciation for the complexity and diversity of our planet's natural systems.

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Printable & Activity Objectives

In this activity, your child will learn and research about bears and where in the world they are found via a simple cut and paste activity:

It will help your child or student:

  1. Learn about the different types of bears that live on each continent and what differentiates them.
  2. Learn about the different continents and their geographical locations on Earth.

How to Get Started

  1. Introduction: Start by introducing the project to the students. Explain that they will learn about different continents and the bears that live there. You can use a globe or map to show the different continents and their locations.
  2. Research: Divide the students into groups and assign each group a continent. Provide them with resources such as books, websites, and videos to research the types of bears that live on their continent. Encourage them to take notes and create a list of interesting facts about each bear species.
  3. Create a presentation: Once the students have completed their research, have them create a presentation about the bears on their continent. They can use PowerPoint or Google Slides to make their presentations. Encourage them to include pictures, maps, and exciting facts about the bears.
  4. Presentation: Have each group present their findings to the class. After each presentation, encourage the other students to ask questions and provide feedback.Reflection: After completing the project, have the students reflect on what they learned. Ask them questions such as:
  • What was the most interesting thing you learned about bears?
  • How are bears important to the ecosystem?
  • Why is it important to learn about animals from different parts of the world?

Here's a good introduction video about bears and where they come from:

Here's a good pictorial guide to the different types of bears:

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