The African head wrap is a versatile and culturally significant accessory worn by women of African descent. The head wrap has a long history dating back to pre-colonial Africa.

Throughout history, the head wrap has been used for various purposes, including as a form of protection from the sun, a way to show one's social or marital status or a symbol of cultural identity. Head wraps were also worn during the Civil Rights Movement to symbolise black pride and resistance to oppression.

Learning about this unique aspect of African culture can be valuable for elementary students, promoting diverse cultural understanding and appreciation and helping to foster empathy and compassion towards others.

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Printable & Activity Objectives

Age: 6 to 9 year olds, Activity Time: 1-2 hours, Items Needed: Writing and colour pencils

In this activity, your child will learn and research about the historical and cultural importance of the African head wrap to the people of Africa and those of African descent.

It will help your child or student:

  1. Promote cultural understanding and appreciation, and encourage students to embrace and celebrate diversity.
  2. Develop a deeper understanding of the role that clothing and accessories can play in shaping identity and culture.
  3. Explore and learn about the history, traditions, and customs of African people, helping to foster greater understanding and empathy towards others.

Classroom Resources

Simple steps to start:

  • Research and find out more about the African head wrap. Here's a quick historical introduction:
  • Here's a video showcasing the evolution, cultural significance and what means to wear a head wrap by an African woman:
  • Get started on the printable worksheets!

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What's in the Printable Worksheet Pack

This printable activity pack consists of 5 creative printable worksheets for your students or children to learn about the beautiful African head wrap. Here's what it consists of:

  • 1 African head wrap research sheet.
  • 1 African head wrap "What it means to you" word cloud sheet.
  • 1 African head wrap colouring sheet.
  • 2 African head wrap design sheets.

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