Hey there! It's springtime, the season of new beginnings and growth. Like nature, our classrooms are also brimming with creativity and energy, ready to bloom and flourish.

As the seasons change, we have an opportunity to refresh our teaching practices with innovative methods that inspire creativity, curiosity, and imagination and ignite a passion for learning.

We believe that embracing creativity as a cornerstone of teaching unlocks boundless possibilities, empowering students to become fearless thinkers, problem solvers, and trailblazers in an ever-evolving world.

Here are some ways to get you started:

Science & Creative Writing - Write the News: Tsunami (PREMIUM)

Help your students learn about this natural disaster by having them write their own news articles about tsunamis. This activity can help them to research the topic, understand the impact of tsunamis, and develop their (creative)writing skills.

Your students will learn and research about tsunamis through a creative exercise of writing a news article about a fictional tsunami.

History and Culture - Plan a Field Trip to Ancient Angkor Wat (PREMIUM)

In this project-based learning (PBL) activity, elementary students can work collaboratively to plan a visit to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Angkor while also exploring Cambodia's history, culture, and geography. By doing so, students can develop research skills and learn about the new cultures, history and world around them in a fun and engaging way.

In this activity, your students will learn and research about Angkor Wat and the basic planning for an overseas field trip.

Community Helpers - Firefighting Heroes (PREMIUM)

Firefighters are essential to our community, and we should celebrate their work and contributions. By teaching children about firefighters' vital role in our society, we can help them better appreciate these community helpers and their sacrifices to keep us safe. Here's a fun creative resource to help you get started!

In this activity, your students will learn and research about the important and different skill sets firefighters possess to serve and protect our community by responding to emergencies, putting out fires and other important acts of service.

History and Culture - Learn About Yakamein: Creole Fusion of Flavours (PREMIUM)

Teaching about Yakamein and its origins is important because it provides an opportunity to explore the cultural contributions of different communities and how those contributions have shaped American society. By learning about the origins of Yakamein, students can gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity of American culture.

In this activity, your students will learn and research about the uniquely New Orlean's dish called Yakamein and its historical and culturally rich origins.

Science and Math - Wildlife Survey Hiking Activity (PREMIUM)

The woods in your school backyard or the nearby nature reserve can be the best science classroom for your students. So why not bring the whole class for a fun hike in the woods and participate in a scientific wildlife survey of the area?

In this activity, your students will learn about animal classifications, participate in a simple animal classification survey and put together a bar graph to showcase the data collected.

History and Art - Design Your Dream Museum (PREMIUM)

This creative design challenge is fun printable worksheet set to encourage young children and students to think of artefacts that they deem important and should be preserved for the future.

In this activity, your students have an opportunity to learn about the basic history of museums and create their own museum.

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Have a madly creative March!


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