Having a robust vocabulary is vital to developing the literacy skills your child or student need to succeed in school. Vocabulary is also vital to understanding and absorbing knowledge through reading. A rich vocabulary is important for communication and also allows children to express themselves more accurately.

This is a printable activity encourages your child to learn seven new words in a week, one word for each day of the week.

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Printable & Activity Objectives

Age: 6-9 year olds, Activity Time: Ongoing, Items Needed: Writing pencils

In this activity, your child will have an opportunity to strengthen his/her vocabulary by committing to learn one new word per day over a week.

It will help your child or student:

  • Expand and strengthen his/her vocabulary through small daily commitments.

Let's get started!

How to Get Started

Simple steps to start:

  • Research and list down good and age appropriate online resources to learn new words. Here are some decent options:

Here's a site which offers vocabulary lists based on the words in certain books:

Vocabulary Lists | Vocabulary.com
Browse thousands of vocabulary lists that will help you study for the SAT, GRE, ACT, and TOEFL exams. In addition, there are many lists geared to specific subject areas and books.

Here's Merriam-Webster's weekly vocabulary words for kids:

Vocabulary Learning Lists and Tips on Merriam-Webster
Vocabulary learning lists and tips from Merriam-Webster.

For the younger kids, here's a collection of Sesame Street's word of the day videos:

Word of the Day | Sesame Street | PBS LearningMedia
Do you know how to get to Sesame Street? This collection is designed to engage preschoolers in everyday learning by teaching core skills in Math, Literacy, STEM, and Social and Emotional Development. Here you’ll find hundreds of videos, games, and printable materials to help you to excite even the y…
  • Get started on the printable worksheets.

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What's in the Printable Worksheet Pack

This printable pack consists of 2 printable worksheets for your child to start the "One Word A Day" challenge. The first sheet is a pre-filled list of words to kick off the activity. The second sheets is an empty template for your child/student or yourself to decide which new words to learn.

Let's learn a new word a day!

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