World Peace Day or the International Day of Peace is celebrated on the 21st of September every year. It's dedicated to world peace and more specifically, the absence of war and violence. It's also a time for us to recognise the efforts of those who have worked hard to bring about peace and end of conflict.

This creative design challenge is an activity to explore the complex theme of war and peace through creative self expression. Let there be peace!

Printable & Activity Objectives

Age: 6 to 9 year olds, Activity Time: 1-2 hours, Items Needed: Colouring pencils

In this activity, your child have an opportunity to learn about the concept of war and peace. She/He will also be able to design and colour a fun poster to promote peace and to commemorate World Peace Day.

It will help your child or student:

  • Develop a greater sense of responsibility to the plight of others, especially those in need. It will help them develop a healthy sense of compassion.
  • Improve his/her artistic and creative skills by designing, colouring and adding different ideas to their imaginary "peace" bandwagon or bus .

Let's get started!

Classroom Resources

Simple steps to start:

  • Research and find out more about war and peace especially how to chat with children about it. Here's a video made for children about the war in Ukraine:

Watch this video about a non-profit called Kids for Peace which provides a positive platform for children to engage in meaningful activities that seek harmony and peace globally. Gandhi said, "If we are to achieve lasting peace, we must begin with the children".

  • Get started on the printable worksheets!

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What's in the Printable Worksheet Pack

This printable pack consists of 2 printable worksheets to help your child design posters with peace messages. The "bandwagon" is used in reference to "an activity, cause, etc. that is currently fashionable or popular and attracting increasing support.

Ask your child or student, "what does peace mean to you?" What kind of peace movement (bandwagon) would they support? Get them to express their ideas on the posters.

Let there be peace on Earth!

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