As we enjoy the long, warm days of summer, I hope you are finding time to relax and recharge. This valuable time presents the perfect opportunity to plan and bring creativity and innovation into our classrooms. It's the best time to gather new ideas to energise your teaching and motivate your students when fall arrives.

Our mission is to help educators like yourself harness the creative potential within your classroom. We have many printable resources and activity ideas to help you make the most of your summer planning. So, sit back with a cool drink, and get ready to explore new ways to bring creativity to life in your classroom. Let's make the upcoming school year the most exciting and creative one yet!

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Social Studies - Community Heroes: Teachers Are Superheroes (PREMIUM)

Let's celebrate the remarkable women and men who ignite the flames of curiosity within young minds and nurture their potential. Through this fascinating activity, students will discover the essential skills that teachers wield to create transformative learning experiences.

In this activity, your students will learn and research about the critical and different skill sets teachers possess to educate, guide and inspire the leaders of the future ... them!

Social Studies & Natural Science - The Coconut Tree: A Tree of Many Uses (PREMIUM)

The coconut tree is fascinating and can serve as an excellent teaching tool. Native to tropical regions, the coconut tree offers a multitude of uses, making it an ideal subject for an interactive and informative lesson plan.

This creative activity will allow students to learn about the versatility and benefit of coconut trees to us and to the local communities in the tropical regions where they are commonly found.

Social Studies & Geography - Our Global Refugee Crises (PREMIUM)

Millions of individuals around the world are forcibly displaced from their homes due to conflicts, persecution, and natural disasters. By introducing elementary students to the realities faced by refugees, we can cultivate empathy, promote inclusivity, and empower them to become more compassionate global citizens.

This activity will allow students to learn about the global refugee crises to foster greater empathy and appreciation for diversity and a desire to help those in need.

Science & History - Legends of STEM: Archimedes (PREMIUM)

Get ready for an awesome journey back in time to meet a super creative scientist named Archimedes. He lived a really long time ago in ancient Greece and made an amazing discovery called the "Archimedes' Principle." This discovery helps us understand why things float or sink in water!

In this creative printable activity, elementary students will learn about Archimedes' Principle and how he discovered it while taking a bath, through a fun colouring activity.

Creative Writing & Natural Science - Write the News: Earthquake (PREMIUM)

Students will step into journalists' shoes and craft their own news articles about a fictional earthquake. This engaging project nurtures their imaginations and provides a platform for them to explore the science of earthquakes and their impact on communities.

In this activity, your child will learn and research about earthquakes through a creative exercise of writing a news article about a fictional earthquake.

Hobbies & Interests - Nature Photography Challenge: Printable Outdoor Activity for Kids (PREMIUM)

Nature is an exceptionally abundant place to explore your child's or student's creative talents particularly in the art of photography. Nature photography is a subset of photography devoted to displaying wildlife, plants and landscapes in their natural splendour.

In this activity, your child will learn some basic techniques about nature photography and set off on a little quest to capture a list of things to find in the outdoors.

Creative Writing - Write a Movie Review (PREMIUM)

In this creative writing activity, your students will learn about how to review movies, the different movie genres and how to think about what they watch more critically. They will write their own movie reviews!

Project Based Learning - Start Your Own Explorers Club (PREMIUM)

At Piqolokids, we believe that explorative and creative play is the most important, natural and accessible way to promote meaningful experiences in children. Effective activities that support curiosity, exploration, play and creativity do not need to be expensive or technology heavy (technology in moderation is good).

In this activity, your students will learn how to start their own Young Explorers Club. This will involve recruiting new members, planning and organising group exploration activities and documenting them.

Hobbies & Interests - Organise a Backyard BBQ (PREMIUM)

Summertime is here and so begins barbecue season! Kids love helping out in the kitchen so why not get them involved in organising this season's first backyard barbecue for your family and friends. This set of printables will provide your students with ideas and tools to plan a backyard barbecue event from start to end!

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