Elementary teachers can inspire their students to become creators rather than just consumers of technology. A fun way to integrate technology concepts into your lesson plan is through project-based learning (PBL). Here we have an exciting project idea: have your students design their own classroom app.

Let's get creative!

Printable & Activity Objectives

Age: 8 to 9 year olds, Activity Time: 2-3 hours, Items Needed: Writing and colouring pencils

This activity will allow students to learn the app design process, which involves analysing user problems and identifying solutions. Students will get to design their classroom apps based on their unique experiences and perspectives.

It will help your child or student with:

  1. Fostering Creativity and Innovation: Designing a classroom app empowers students to think creatively and innovatively. They are encouraged to brainstorm ideas, identify problems, and propose solutions that enhance their learning experience.
  2. Enhancing Technological Literacy: They will learn about app development, user interface design, coding basics, and user experience considerations. This hands-on experience provides exposure to future technology-related learning and careers.
  3. Promoting Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Developing an app requires students to think critically and solve problems. They encounter design, functionality, and user experience challenges, necessitating them to analyze and find practical solutions.

Let's start designing!

How to Get Started

Simple steps to start:

  • Research and learn more about app development. Here are some past PBL projects which can help introduce students to the world of mobile app development and user experience (UX).
Design Mobile Phone User Experience UX: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
What do you think makes a user friendly mobile phone?
The World’s Next Big App Idea: Creative Printable Worksheets for Kids
A printable app design pack for kids who love technology and want to build their own app.
  • Research more about basic concepts of problem solving. Here is a video about how design thinking works:

Here's another video about the 5 stages of design thinking:

  • Get started on the printable worksheet!

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What's in the Printable Worksheet Pack

This printable activity pack consists of 6 creative printable worksheet. Here's what it consists of:

  • 2 wireframing sheets
  • 1 app product planning i.e. problem to be solved + solutions sheet
  • 1 competing solution analysis sheet
  • 1 app icon design sheet
  • 1 app marketing planning sheet

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