Say hello to the intrepid crew of the QSS Fargo. They will be your travel guides during your adventures on planet Earth.

The Crew of the QSS Fargo

Lili, Explorer Cadet

Lili is a very inquisitive cadet and enjoys a good challenge. She is brave and has a determined spirit. Her passion for the natural sciences is second only to her love for art. She is well liked by members of the crew and has the natural disposition of a leader. She is also fiercely protective of her little brother, Peppy. They have been inseparable since they were hatchlings.

Peppy, Explorer Cadet

Peppy is a very focused and dedicated cadet. He is highly analytical and is an excellent problem solver. As a young cadet, he has picked up a surprisingly broad number of skills from our Chief Engineer, Tinkerton. He is a good team player and contributes very effectively to our Earth missions. He is very fond of his older sister, Lili and confides in her when he is troubled.

Tinkerton, Chief Engineer

Tinkerton is an indispensable member of our crew. She has saved our ship from countless critical mechanical damages and software failures since joining the QSS Fargo as a Junior Engineer Apprentice 29 years ago. Her journey since then to Chief Engineer is decorated with many proud personal and team achievements.

Chef i128, Chief Cook

Chef i128 was a decommissioned 3D printer bot that we salvaged from an old ship during the Octopian Sea Skirmish. Tinkerton managed to revive him by repairing and modifying his metal body. She also rewrote Chef’s original programme and reconfigured it for 3D food printing. Chef i128 is regularly updating his library of food and beverage recipes. He has a passion for learning the culinary culture of the locals in the different planets we visit.

Ferdinand, Captain

I am a second generation F.I.N.D. (Friendly and Intelligent Navigation Droid) developed by the QD-ExploreTech Agency to expedite the search for new habitable planets in far away solar systems. Each F.I.N.D. personnel develops unique personalities and perspectives according to the sensory and data inputs it receives on its adventures. It seems I have developed a rather “grouchy” disposition.

Our Spaceship

The QSS (QD SpaceShip) Fargo is a 1st generation QD-Explorer interstellar spacecraft developed by the QD-ExploreTech Agency. It is older than all the crew members and has gone through many exciting adventures across different galaxies. She's a one tough old ship.

Chief Engineer, Tinkerton currently oversees the maintenance and engineering (software and hardware) upgrades for the Fargo. Over the years, many improvements have been made to the ship based on new technologies we've picked up across different planets in the galaxy. There's really no ship like it in the universe!

As Tinkerton would say, "she's a marvellous mechanical work in progress".

We are hoping to learn more about sustainable and green technology from the inhabitants of Earth. Fingers crossed, we'll be able to achieve Tinkerton's goal to convert the Fargo into a 100% self-sustaining spaceship.