In this era of constant innovation and change, creative thinking has become more critical than ever. Elementary educators are uniquely positioned to encourage and develop this creative spark in their students, helping them become imaginative thinkers and problem-solvers. Let's celebrate the critical role that elementary educators play in fostering creativity and recognise that their influence extends far beyond the classroom.

However, many educators may need help integrating creativity into their lesson plans. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

History & Geography - The Great Potato Adventure (PREMIUM)

Potatoes are not just delicious; they also have a fascinating history and a wide variety of uses, making them a valuable teaching tool for elementary school students. Teaching about potatoes in the classroom can provide a unique opportunity to engage students in various subjects, from history and geography to science.

This printable activity will allow students to learn about potatoes through different subject lens such as science, history and geography.

Math - Time Bingo: Whole Hours (PREMIUM)

Playing time bingo can be a fun, exciting and engaging way to introduce the concept of time to elementary school students. Using time bingo as a teaching tool, you can help your students develop an interest in telling time and make the learning experience enjoyable.

This printable activity will allow students to learn and practice telling time from an analog clock through a fun bingo type activity.

Math - Cross-Number Puzzle: Creative Math Activity (PREMIUM)

The Cross Number Puzzle Challenge is here to take you on a journey where numbers take centre stage! Say farewell to traditional crossword puzzles filled with letters, and welcome a world where numerical prowess reigns supreme.

In this unique printable math activity, your goal is to look within the grid for numbers that satisfy mathematical equations, similar to solving clues in a crossword puzzle.

Math - Math is More Fun: At the Farmer's Market (PREMIUM)

The farmers market is the perfect place to support your local community and, interestingly, to teach students about basic math concepts. One way to make learning addition fun and interactive is by observing real-life situations, such as farmers selling produce at the farmers market.

This printable activity will allow students to learn about basic addition through role playing as store owners at a farmers' market.

Creative Writing - Write a Movie Review (PREMIUM)

In this printable creative writing activity, your students will learn about how to review movies, the different movie genres and how to think about what they watch more critically. They will write their own movie reviews!

Creative Writing - Toy Tester - Job Application (PREMIUM)

In this printable activity, your student will cover some basic research about employment and how people apply for jobs. They will have fun filling up a job application for the role of a "toy tester" at a fictional toy company.

Dear Educators, We Appreciate You!

Hey educators! I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the amazing job you're doing. Your impact goes far beyond the classroom walls, planting seeds of creativity that will flourish in the lives of our students.

It's wonderful to have someone who believes in the power of creativity and works tirelessly to make our classrooms vibrant hubs of innovation. You're making a real difference and your efforts are deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much!

May you have an incredibly creative May!


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