Happy 2024 everyone! Let's start the year with a resolution that promises to make a lasting impact – introducing more creativity in the elementary classrooms!

In our rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to encourage creativity. This newsletter aims to help you incorporate new ideas and "low-prep" printable activities into your approach, supporting you for an exciting and transformative "creative" journey in the upcoming year. Let's make 2024 the year in which our classrooms become not only learning spaces, but also vibrant hubs of creativity, innovation and curiosity. Here are some activities to help you get started!

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Anyone Can Celebrate Kwanzaa (PREMIUM)

Learning about Kwanzaa in the elementary classroom is crucial for promoting greater cultural awareness and understanding among students, particularly in the history, heritage and culture of African-Americans. 

This activity is designed to help your child learn about the history and traditions of Kwanzaa (Dec 26-Jan 1) while engaging in self-reflection and creative colouring.

Stock Up Your Community Fridge (FREE)

I'm sure you've seen many community fridges popping up around your neighbourhood lately. This phenomenon is a testament to your community's kindness and direct response to the food insecurity crisis made worst by the pandemic. This printable activity encourages giving, acts of kindness and good deeds in children.

Find The Best Price! Introduction to Price Comparison (PREMIUM)

Finding a bargain is very rewarding and helps with maintaining a healthy home budget. This printable worksheet helps encourage young children and students to learn more about financial literacy particularly in the area of price comparisons.

Fractions Bingo Starter Kit (PREMIUM)

In math, fractions represent parts of a whole. The numbers representing fractions can be confusing for young children and those learning the concept for the first time. This is a fun printable "bingo-game" activity helps to strengthen the visual understanding of fractions for children who are already familiar with the concept.

Create New Sandwiches (PREMIUM)

In this activity, your child will learn about the history of sandwiches and design a series of sandwiches based on their given names. It will help them get creative with food preparation by recreating new and exciting sandwiches using less conventional ingredients.

Say it in 50 Words: Winter is Coming (FREE)

In this creative writing activity, your students will find out more about winter (and seasons) and write a 50 word essay using a selection winter-themed descriptive words.

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